Steve & Holley

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously grow closer to one another as a couple and as a family through our love for Jesus Christ and commitment to the Word of God.

We will trust in the Lord to have marriage that sings and proclaims the love of Christ and message of the gospel to our children and those around us.

We will be a couple that mirrors God’s design for marriage which we hope will inspire our family, friends and community.

We believe the purpose of marriage is to mutually complete one another, foster a love of God in our family, and to mirror God’s image.

We mirror God’s perfect Love when we choose to love each other no matter what and when we accept people as they are in spite of their weaknesses and faults.

We mirror God’s commitment when we choose to show love to each other when it’s difficult, when the other person falls short, and when we honor our word to others.

We mirror God’s unity within the trinity when we respect our roles as designated by God’s design for marriage and when we speak respectfully about each other even in their absence.

We mirror God’s forgiveness when we show grace to each other in the face of repentance ... recognizing how much God has forgiven us.

In doing our best to love others the way God loves us, we hope to instill the deep understanding of God and His love in our children.

We will build a strong marriage and family through unconditional unity and grace. Bearing with one another and building each other up according to their needs, and living at peace with others inasmuch as it depends on us. We will focus on the needs of each other above our own. We want to glorify God through our marriage and to help support other marriages that God places in our path.